Our Textures

Barbie's Hair specializes in 100% custom blended human hair in a variety of different textures. All of our textures can be used for hair weaving, hair braiding, hair extensions and wigs. We can custom blend every texture in order to obtain the exact match to your natural hair. We have an abundant selection of human hair textures to choose from such as afro kinky; which can be used to do twists or locks. We have Wet & Wavy, Jheri Curl, Super Curl, Spanish Wave or Soft Wave hair; which can be worn as a curly texture or can also be roller set or blown out to be worn as a straight texture. Once water is applied to the hair texture then the hair will return to it's original hair texture. We also have Semi Wave, Bone Straight, Perm Straight and Kinky Straight hair textures; which are predominantly used for individuals who wear their hair straight more often than not. All of our hair textures come in a variety of different lengths including 10" to 30" for hair weaving and 18" to 34" for hair braiding and hair extensions.

Barbie's Hair offers human hair textures that are versatile and can be custom made to every customer's preference. Please call one of our human hair experts to schedule a free consultation today or simply to inquire about which texture is best for you.